Kids Bunks Collection

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Are you able to clean the Disc-O-Bed®?

Yes. All canvas parts can be washed down using a non-abrasive cloth/sponge, a mild detergent and cold water. Simply air dry. It is suggested to test the detergent on a small area to see color fastness. All steel components can be wiped down with a wet, non-abrasive cloth. For additional care and usage instructions, refer to the Assembly Instruction (provided with the product).

Do you need a ladder to get onto the top bunk?

No. Simply stand on the side rail of the bottom bunk and swing one leg up and onto the top bunk. Easy and safe for kids (and adults).

Are you able to roll off the bunk?

Well it's pretty difficult to do, unless it is done intentionally. The design of the Disc-O-Bed® is such that it naturally contours to your body shape. Due to a person’s weight, the sleep area is lower than the side rails which makes it difficult to roll out of the bunk. For this reason too, no side rails are required.

Is the Disc-O-Bed® guaranteed?

Yep. Disc-O-Bed® carries a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship. Refer to the back page of the Assembly Instruction (provided with the product) for the full limited warranty and satisfaction guaranteed wording. The warranty is null and void should parts or accessories to the Disc-O-Bed® be modified in any way.

Is there an age restriction in using the Disc-O-Bed

The Disc-O-Bed® is intended for adult usage and children should only use this product under adult supervision.

Can you sleep two adults on one cot?

Only one person should occupy each bed level. Use the bunk as it is intended and DO NOT triple stack.

Does the Disc-O-Bed® come with assembly instructions?

Yes. Each kit comes with a step by step, easy to follow assembly instruction. Read carefully the important safety warnings and fully understand the assembly instructions prior to your own assembly of the product. If you are unsure – please contact us.

Can you go hiking with your Disc-O-Bed®?

No. The Disc-O-Bed® is manufactured from steel, is built to last and thus weighs just over 14kg per single bunk. The steel structure ensures for the overall longevity, stability, safety and comfort of the Disc-O-Bed®. Best used within a short walking distance.

Can you assemble the Disc-O-Bed® by yourself?

Yes. It may take a few minutes longer, but the user friendly, step by step Assembly Instruction makes assembling by one person very easy.

Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a center beam like most other cots on the market today?

No. This is one of the many unique selling features of the Disc-O-Bed®. There is no center beam, instead the high grade polyester sleeping deck conforms to your body shape for true contoured comfort.

Does the Disc-O-Bed® require a mattress?

No. The Disc-O-Bed® is extremely comfortable and there is no need for a mattress – simply use a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow. By all means you can add an extra layer of comfort of you feel the need!

Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a maximum weight capacity?

The Cam-O-Bunks guaranteed to a weight tolerance of 227kg per single cot (454kg for the bunk configuration). Refer to the specific product page on our website to confirm weight tolerances.

Collapsible rowHow do I know that the Disc-O-Bed® truly is as strong as you say it is?

The Disc-O-Bed® company prides itself in delivering a product that is strong, robust, and extremely durable, delivering against all your expectations. Our product and fabrication thereof has been tried and tested – Disc-O-Bed is a proud supplier to the US Military and have been for over a decade. The Disc-O-Bed® far exceeds the mark when it comes to overall stability, comfort and portability.

Can you triple stack the Disc-O-Bed®?

No. The Disc-O-Bed® is intended to be used in a single or bunk (2 tier) configuration only. Triple stacking would be considered a misuse of the product.

Are single parts of the Disc-O-Bed® available should I misplace or lose one of them?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Service department and they will be happy to replace just the part that is missing. DO NOT use substitute parts.