How do you set up a Disc-O-Bed? Well it's really quite simple.

Each of our unique Disc-Bed and Disc-Bunk systems are assembled in a similar way. Have a look at our set up video and you'll see just how easy and quickly you'll be set up and ready to use.

For your personal safety, it is important to follow the assembly carefully. Special attention must be taken to make sure the swaged pipe is firmly locked into the disc.

The easiest and fastest portable bunk bed to set up!

Disc-O-Bed was designed to be simple. Really simple.

When you purchase your next bunk bed, you probably won't realise exactly what involved with setting it up until you are actually needing to use it.

We decided to do a little testing against a popular brand and, well, the results are clear. From the moment we opened up 'the other bunks'  sorted through the endless supply of pieces in their heavy bag, the Disc-O-Bed was ready.

It really proved that the Disc-O-Beds are simple, stress free, safe and sturdy. And that's why we are the most well reviewed camping bunk on the market today.

Check out our comparison set up video!

Easy to store carry bags

Storage pockets

Sleep Comfy

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