A portable bunk bed and camping stretcher unlike anything else!

Camping Stretcher & Portable Bunks

Get a good night’s sleep anywhere and anytime with Disc-O-Bed’s patented, ready-to-go portable camping stretcher and camping bunk bed all-in-one. The Disc-O-Bed sleeping solution is designed for real life – from disaster relief and troop deployment to outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike – and means you can rest comfortably wherever space is limited. With our patented disc system – hence the name ‘Disc-O-Bed’ – we have built a portable bed that is robust, easy to transport and assemble, hygienic and delivers a simple, effective and comfortable sleep solution no matter where you are.

Our camping bunk beds have proven an essential tool for the extreme demands of worldwide Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment, and we are a proud long-time supplier to the U.S. Military. Today, our reputation for quality, strength and comfort extends to on-demand sleeping systems and modular seating for the home and outdoors – especially where sleep space is restricted.

Disc-O-Bed is committed to delivering the highest standard of customer service through our exceptional product design and:

Customising sleep solutions for extreme needs
Responding quickly and effectively to enquiries and requests
Supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis
Sleep easy with Disc-O-Bed’s ready-to-go camping bunks.

The best portable bunk bed system

Easy Assembly


All of our bunkable beds are easily assembled into a bunk bed, bench or two single beds. Everything you need to put them together comes supplied in the convenient carrying case, and no specialist knowledge or tools are required!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Disc-O-Bed brings you one serious bed system with many simple solutions.

Extra Durable


Did you know with the Cam-O-Bunk each level can hold up to 226kg? This makes the Cam-O-Bunk the heaviest weighted bunk on the market today!

Our camping bunks are wider and longer than standard cots available and include supportive and ultra-comfortable sleeping decks. Say goodbye to lumpy mattresses and sleeping on the hard, uneven ground – Disc-O-Bed means no more losing sleep!

3-in1 Design


Maximise floor space with a bunkable bed, convert it into a sitting bench or spread it out into two single cots.

Whether you’re camping, travelling or just don’t have the space for a spare guest bedroom, our 3-in-1 camping bunks make it possible to sleep comfortably anywhere and anytime.

Large range of accessories available

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Emergency and military use bunk beds

Response time is critical. You need a product that is convenient, quick and easy enough for any volunteer to put together. Disc-O-Bed’s user-friendly design features a simple, no-tool assembly. The included carry bag is convenient for storage and transportation. All parts are available as single items.

Emergency Use Beds

In an emergency, you need a product that works just as hard as you do. The patented Disc-O-Bed is a portable, comfortable sleep solution that is engineered to handle the demands of group shelter. Versatile enough to adapt to your needs – the Disc-O-Bed can be used as a bunk, two single beds or converted to a sitting bench if needed.

Rapid Response Ready

Ready to serve a variety of medical and relief environments

It’s been said that disaster operations are all about logistics. Disc-Bed makes rapid deployment easy for mass care and sheltering. It ships flat and sets up quickly with no tools. Its compact footprint allows you to assist more displaced persons in less space. With no need for a mattress and no annoying mid-bar, Disc-Bed was designed with hygiene and comfort in mind for patients, volunteers and the overall disaster area in mind. Add on accessories available include IV stand, mosquito net and frame.

Military Approved Bunks

With Disc-O-Bed’s stackable bunk configuration, you not only save on space, but you are able to house more troops in a smaller operating base. Less space equals less energy spent on heating, cooling and electricity. The Disc-O-Bed also packs flat so you get more per container.

With a weight tolerance of 600 lbs (272 kg) per single cot, the modular Disc-O-Bed's rugged steel frame construction is tool free in assembly and is built to last even in most extreme conditions.

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