All your Disc-O-Bed accessories in one place! Our range of accessories will help to protect your tent and organise your camping area and even protect you from mosquitos! Shop the range today,

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Foot Locker – Green

$129.99 $108.33

Fully collapsible, waterproof, under cot storage with sloped design to maximize capacity and facilitate access to personal belongings.

Foot Pad – Set of 4


Removable and ready inserted on both the bed end frame as well as the stack adapter. Disc-O-Beds are the safest portable beds possible, all edges are precision ground, rounded and/or capped to ensure there are no sharp edges or exposed profiles.

Leg Extension Set


By means of the secure U-clip design the leg extension is used to either increase the height of a single cot or the distance between bunked cots by an additional 7” (18cm)


Mosquito Net and Frame Kit

$125.99 $109.56

Lightweight, 8 tethered sectional Fibre Glass mosquito frame with repellent impregnated netting to ensure for total all round protection

storage cabinet Out Of Stock

Storage Cabinet


Fully collapsible, zippered storage cabinet with lockable closure.