Metal Military Bunk Beds, Disc-Chairs & Troop Storage Footlockers & Bed Organizers

'Bunkability'. Deployed.

Moving thousands of soldiers quickly has its own logistical challenges. How to sleep them efficiently and effectively shouldn't be one of them.

Disc-O-BedTM has a long history of military service, providing sleep solutions that measure up the extreme demands of troop deployment. A proud supplier to the U.S. Military, Disc-O-BedTM holds a National Stock Number (NSN) Supplier Status as recognised by all NATO countries, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Our patented and interoperable disc system is the secret behind the strength, comfort, and modularity of our cots. The result is a sleep solution that is easy to assemble, bunk, dismantle and transport at the ready.

One bunk for all missions. Disc-O-Bed.