These cots are expensive and worth every penny. With four children and two adults we were running out of space in our tent. These sturdy cots were the perfect solution. They are heavy but they are quality! They fit and hold adults comfortably. Some cots are a nightmare to put together. This cots are designed perfectly so the set up and take down are easy. All our things are organized either under the cots or in the side pockets. In this case you definitely get what you pay for. read more

portable camping stretcher bunk

Absolutely the best cot system on the market, I have since recommended this to many others. I did buy the 7” extension legs however I don’t think I will use them often as the height between cots is pretty good. read more

Jason P

We have slept on these cots every night for 5 months (we are demo-ing our home). They are very comfortable and durable. Stable and holding up VERY well with kids jumping on them an continuous use. read more

Red’s Breads

Super sturdy. Easy to set up and take apart. Love that it packs away easily for quick storage. Looks as if it will last for a long while. read more

S. Yund

My 12 year old saw the box and put it together this morning by himself. It could’ve gone faster if he used the directions and pushed things tightly together, haha, so lesson learned, don’t forget to fasten things securely. After he fixed the poles that slipped out, it came together nicely and is sturdy and quiet. I love the ease and convenience of the velcro nightstand bag and the height is just right for kids to get on and off with no issues. Each bag of parts is quite heavy, so no taking this on backpacking trips, these will be an absolutely valuable space saver in our family tent!! Now we just need to go camping! read more

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