How to assemble your Disc-O-Bed

Each of our unique Disc-Bed and Disc-Bunk systems are assembled in a similar way. Follow these easy steps to assemble the Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk …

For your personal safety, it is important to follow the assembly carefully. Special attention must be taken to make sure the swaged pipe is firmly locked into the disc.

STEP 1 – Unzip the carry bag and unpack all parts

STEP 2 – Attach a disc (pic. 1) to the ends of the 4 swaged (tapered) rails by depressing the larger thumb pin down and using a ‘lock-in-pin’ action. The disc is securely attached when the pin appears through the hole (pic. 2) as your thumb is released.


STEP 3 – Connect each of the straight rails to one of the swaged rails completed in step 2

STEP 4 – Lay the mat on the floor. Feed the 2 section rail completed in step 3 through the sleeved mat. Attach the remaining swaged rail (completed in step 2) to complete the 3 sectional side rail. Repeat step 4 to complete the other side.


STEP 5 Slide in and press down each of the 4 discs into the “U” of the straight bed end frame. Your single cot assembly is now complete.


STEP 6 Repeat steps 2 – 5 to complete the 2nd cot with the rounded bed end

STEP 7 Remove the rubber foot plugs from the legs of the straight bed end frame

STEP 8 Insert a bunk fitting into each straight leg using the ‘lock-in-pin’ action

STEP 9 Place the straight bed end frame on top of the rounded bed end frame and lock the cots into the bunk position.

STEP 10 Using the locking strap, secure the bunk in place by strapping the two bed ends together.

You have successfully assembled your bunk system.