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A Portable Bed for the Extremes of Real Life

Get a good night’s sleep anywhere and anytime with Disc-O-Bed’s patented, ready-to-go portable beds and camping bunks. The Disc-Bed sleeping solution is designed for real life – from disaster relief and troop deployment to outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike – and means you can rest comfortably wherever space is limited.

With our patented disc system – hence the name ‘Disc-O-Bed’ – we have built a portable bed that is robust, easy to transport and assemble, hygienic and delivers a simple, effective and comfortable sleep solution no matter where you are.

Our camping bunk beds have proven an essential tool for the extreme demands of worldwide Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment, and we are a proud long-time supplier to the U.S. Military. Today, our reputation for quality, strength and comfort extends to on-demand sleeping systems and modular seating for the home and outdoors – especially where sleep space is restricted. 

Disc-O-Bed is committed to delivering the highest standard of customer service through our exceptional product design and:

  • Customising sleep solutions for extreme needs
  • Responding quickly and effectively to enquiries and requests
  • Supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis

Sleep easy with Disc-O-Bed’s ready-to-go camping bunks.


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Extreme Sleepovers

Faced with overnight guests but tight on space?

That’s no longer a problem with Disc-O-Bed! We made our name kitting out serious sleepovers, and our portable cot bunks are the perfect solution for comfortable, on-demand sleeping space when and where it’s needed.

Our portable beds for adults and kids are quickly and easily assembled when surprise guests show up and neatly stored away in a compact carrying case for the next time.

Camping in the great outdoors?

Say goodbye to sagging air mattresses and sleeping bags on the rock hard ground! A Disc-O-Bed means ultra-strong and stable sleeping solutions that save space without compromising on comfort.

Built for the outdoors, our cot bunk beds are simple to transport and made from durable steel with smooth edges and a removable sleeping deck that’s 100% machine washable.

For a convenient, comfortable night’s sleep at the ready, think Disc-O-Bed. 

Easy Assembly – No Tools Required!

All of our bunkable cot beds are easily assembled into a bunk bed, bench or two single beds. Everything you need to put them together comes supplied in the convenient carrying case, and no specialist knowledge or tools are required!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Disc-O-Bed brings you one serious bed system with many simple solutions.

Click here for detailed assembly instructions.


The Kid-O-Bunk is the 3-in-1 mobile bed system for kids on the go. From sleepovers and family holidays to camping trips, this kid-friendly cot bunk means the days of stressful overnight stays are behind you.

Available in lime green and teal blue, our portable kid’s bed can be configured as a bunk bed, sitting bench or two single beds to suit your space requirements. The waterproof and machine washable sleeping deck is comfy and hygienic, meaning no mattress or sleeping bag is required!

And rocky, uneven ground isn’t a problem either – the robust steel frame self-adjusts to bumpy ground so you’ll always sleep easy. With each single bed capable of holding up to 90kg, kids from 3 years and older will always be able to get a good night’s sleep with Disc-O-Bed.

The Kid-O-Bunk portable kid’s bed comes with side organisers, carry bags and a set of protective footpads included. 


The Cam-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed is the ultimate portable bed for adults that’s always ready to go when you are. Whether you’re camping, travelling or just don’t have the space for a spare guest bedroom, our 3-in-1 camping bunks make it possible to sleep comfortably anywhere and anytime.

Maximise floor space with a bunkable cot, convert it into a sitting bench or spread it out into two single cots. Each level can hold up to 226kg, making the Cam-O-Bunk the ideal mobile sleeping solution.

Our camping bunks are wider and longer than standard cots available on the market with supportive and ultra-comfortable sleeping decks. Say goodbye to lumpy mattresses and sleeping on the hard, uneven ground – Disc-O-Bed means no more losing sleep!

The Cam-O-Bunk portable bed is available in two sizes with optional organisers:

Compatible Accessories

Disc-O-Bed also supplies a range of accessories and add-ons for your camping bunk beds. These include:

  • Under cot footlocker – Extra storage space that fits conveniently under your cot bunk. Collapsible and waterproof with multiple interior and exterior storage compartments. Secure, lockable closure.
  • Storage cabinet – Extra storage space that attaches to the end of any Cam-O-Bunk bed frame. Collapsible with three interior shelves and outer pockets. Secure, lockable closure.
  • Mosquito net and frame – Keep the mozzies away with an easily attachable mosquito frame and repellent netting. Compatible with all Cam-O-Bunk cot systems.
  • Leg extension set – Increase the height of single cots or the distance between bunked cots by 18cm. Easily fitted to all Disc-O-Bed portable beds for adults or children.
  • Footpads – Set of 4 protective footpads compatible with all Disc-O-Bed cot bunk systems. 

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At Disc-O-Bed, we proudly supply our unique, patented products to both retailers and the general public. Our retailer markets currently include camping, outdoor adventure, furniture, RV and campervans, military and large group suppliers.

If you’re interested in becoming a retailer of Disc-O-Bed’s cutting-edge Cam-O-Bunk and Kid-O-Bunk extreme sleeping solutions, please contact our sales team on (07) 3245 6190 or by email at

We’d love to discuss your options further with you!

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Do you want to see our range of camping bunk beds in person before you buy? Disc-O-Bed partners with many retailers around the country to bring our innovative products direct to you.

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Portable Beds and Camping Bunks Built for Real Life

Disc-O-Bed makes it possible to have a good night’s sleep, every night. Whether you’re hosting overnight guests or camping or caravanning where sleep space is limited, the patented Disc-Bed solution makes sleeping easy.

Combining supreme comfort and unbelievable functionality, our 3-in-1 cot bunks are designed for the extremes of real life.

If you have any questions or enquiries about our innovative sleeping solutions, or would just like more information about our products, please get in touch with us! Here’s how to reach us:

Phone: (07) 3245 6190


Or, fill out our online enquiry form and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP. 


Faced with overnight guests but tight on space? You've come to the right place. Disc-O-Bed made its name outfitting serious sleepovers. Think Red Cross and U.S. Army. So who better to solve your in-home need for a proven, comfortable night's sleep at the ready?

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Each of our unique Disc-Bed and Disc-Bunk systems are assembled in a similar way. Follow these easy steps to assemble the Cam-O-Bunk … For your personal safety, it is important to follow the assembly carefully. Special attention must be taken to make sure the swaged pipe is firmly locked into the disc

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This Kid-friendly, bunkable sleep solution provides no-tool, easy-assemble cot systems for any home, vacation or travel situation and is now available in Australia!

Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed combines functionality and comfort and is perfect for stress-free sleepovers, family vacations, camping trips, or overnight stays at the grandparents. The possibilities are endless!





Specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind - where space is minimal and your aim is to sleep maximum campers per tent. The Cam-O-Bunk (Large) comes with all the exciting features outlined by the Cam-O-Bunk (XLarge), the only difference being that the width of the sleeping deck is slightly narrower.
You can bunk it, bench it or turn it into two single cots – whatever your preference or requirement, the Cam-O-Bunk (Large) offers you one extreme cot system with many simple solutions.




Lightweight, 8 tethered sectional Fibre Glass mosquito frame with repellent impregnated netting to ensure for total all round protection. Compatible to all Disc-Bed cot systems and single cot units. Supplied in a drawstring bag for easy transportation